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Palm Trees

Heather Kinahan - Artist/Owner, Heather Kinahan Art



I had the opportunity to work with Allison for 6 months while I transitioned to a new career.  She invested time getting to know both myself and my business goals.  Allison was very personable and easy to talk to.  She expertly guided me through developing my brand for my new business by asking questions I would never have considered myself.  Allison not only set up my social media accounts; she also developed a plan for me to follow and ensured I felt comfortable with the various platforms.  Working with Allison gave me the confidence I needed to market my art both online and in person.  

Palm Trees

Shane Rempel -
Executive Director, SABIS



Allison Parder helped our small non-profit organization overcome the challenge of accessibility for our clients through a redesigned website. We were tasked with creating a website that was concise and user-friendly yet still containing all of the necessary elements that our clients needed. Allison took a very collaborative approach with us and ensured that we understood every step along the way. Thanks to Allison we are much more confident in our online presence and its functionality.

Palm Trees

Mara Seipp-Katz -
Owner, Push Performance Fitness



Working with Allison was incredibly easy and stress free. I needed a new website and had no idea where to start.  After talking with Allison she was able to make sense of my vision and produce a website that I absolutely love and am incredibly proud of her.  Her ability to listen, advise and produce made this experience an entirely worthwhile endeavour.

Palm Trees

Alisa Cusano -
Owner, Alisa's Natural Cleaning



I highly recommend Allison Parder Marketing. Allison designed our logo, landing pages and graphics for my business.  She has a keen eye for detail and all her designs were fresh and appealing. The promotional landing pages she did definitelyaided in attracting new clients. She understood what I was looking for and delivered above and beyond my expectations and in a timely manner.  She is very skilled and professional and I will continue to use her for all my future marketing needs.

Palm Trees

Tanya Kaynes -
Owner, Menagerie Parties & Cakes



I was clueless about websites when I started my business. Alison Parder Marketing took the overwhelming task of my website off my hands. I was Soooo grateful! I would recommend calling her asap if you are in the same boat. She can get your business humming in no time!

Palm Trees

Soleiha Mahrcell -
Owner, Sol Sourced Weddings



What I experienced when working with Allison who I affectionately call Lady G (Lady Gaga, I'm sure you will see the resemblance) was a creative collaboration that flowed with ease, humorous moments, and a grace one wishes could be experienced in all business matters. The end result was a website that embodied the direction and feel of inclusion for all, Soul filled Love in performing the ceremonies, what I offer and was what I could easily afford.  If you are wanting a website to start your business journey or to update your existing one, then contact Allison Parder (Lady G). No Blood, Sweat or tears, except for Joy!


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